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Are your video surveys complying with the law?

May's edition of The Mover Magazine has a great piece discussing the legal obligations for removal and relocation companies who use virtual pre-move surveys.

“Most responsible removals companies will by now have robust processes in place to comply with [GDPR] regulations, but one area which may have been overlooked is the detailed images of household interiors made during video surveys,” writes David Jordan in the article.

“In 2018 when GDPR came in, video surveys were in their infancy and only a handful of removals companies used them,” the article continues.

“More recently - mainly due to the pandemic – video surveys have become almost the norm and most companies will at least offer them as an option; so now might be a good time to review your security arrangements and if necessary, give them an update.”

David was nice enough to quote me in his article. It’s a very good piece that outlines the need for all removal companies to be aware of their legal obligations regarding customer data – and why bespoke video surveys offer the most secure approach.

You can read the article and check out the details here:

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