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How it all began

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Early Summer 2020

Great ideas often come to you completely unexpected.

The funny thing is that we were never planning to start a virtual survey company until one day an old friend reached out asking for help because their in-house surveyor had called in sick, which left them with a diary full of appointments that needed covering.

A good 10 surveys later it became apparent that there was a real need in the market for experienced surveyors that moving companies can call on, either as part of a wholly outsourced sales strategy or as part of a contingency plan.

We reached out to old clients and soon has a dozen pledges to say that they would love to use our services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

With a company name already in mind, out came the drawing board and we thought of a pricing strategy that would enable us to live up to our name and offer a quality service at a competitive price every time.

From experience, a one-price standard service across the board does not work very well - somebody is going to be left short changed. You need to be able to cater to the individual client's needs as much as possible, that is where value is added and a fair pricing model can be facilitated.

At SurveyPlus we work with the move managers and encourage them to ask the right questions up-front and gauge the type of survey that's needed.

It's a proven strategy that enables us to effectively carry out quality surveys with a quick turnaround of the pre-move survey report whilst charging the moving companies a fair price.

The months have gone by at quite a pace. What started by covering a couple of surveys has grown to an operation that does not sleep and services the requirements of moving companies around the world.

Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans..

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